I founded this company on the interest of working with clients that seek to portray the best image for themselves. Your brand identity will often reflect upon how a client or consumer views you and/or your business. So, it is important to have consistency in the quality of how you represent yourself and/or business visually. I want to focus my attention on image, consistency, and cohesiveness, while ensuring proper functionality.



Age: 25
Some Interests: art/skateboard culture, film, and too much music to list.
Fun Fact: I have 11 nieces and nephews.

My name is Jacob Child and I’ve been working in the design field since 2012. I’m a freelance designer, entrepreneur, and founder of J.C. DESIGN CO. Although it is just myself, I have many creative connections that may benefit my clients. Where applicable, this allows me to work closely with fellow photographers, videographers, programmers, and other creative minds to deliver a clients needs.

For any inquiries, please contact me.